Baglamukhi Mantra in English with Puja and Sadhana Vidhi

Baglamukhi Mantra in English with Puja and Sadhana Vidhi

After receiving so many requests from the readers of this blog we are publishing all the mantras of ma baglamukhi including their viniyoga, Rishiyadi-Nyasa, Shadanga-Nyasa, Kara-Nyasa in Hindi and English. It will not only help english readers but also those readers who are not very good at sanskrit pronunciation. It took a lot of effort to publish such a document but it is our dedication to provide more and more information to the people who worship maa baglamukhi also known as devi pitambara.  I dedicate this work to ma pitambara’s lotus feet  and my guru shri yogeshwaranand ji who taught me everything. I will add more info in this document in near future. Please let me know if you find any mistake in english, hindi or sanskrit. Please visit this blog again and again for more and updated information.

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Download Baglamukhi Sahasranamam in English Pdf ( 1000 names of ma baglamukhi)

Sri Baglamukhi Stotram in English


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