Baglamukhi (Pitambara)

Baglamukhi ( Pitambara )

Who is Devi Baglamukhi :

Ma Baglamukhi is known as

Mother baglamukhi not only destroy the enemies of the sadhak but also makes him wealth (full of money). There is a different baglamukhi mantra, homam (yagya) and articles for different desires of the sadhak.  These mantras fulfill the all the desires of the sadhak.


Full Story About Devi Baglamukhi ( Pitambara)

The story behind the origin of Goddess Baglamukhi has been documented in Svatantra Tantra. Once a demon called Madanasura secured ‘Vaksiddhi’ and misused it to trouble humans and he stimulated storms to kill people. Seeing themselves helpless against Madanasura, Devtas sought Vishnu’s refuge. Vishnu went to Saurashtra region (present day Gujarat-Sind-western Madhya Pradesh-southern Rajasthan) where He began performing penances to appease Tripurasundari on the shore of a lake called Haridra Sarovar. Appeased with Vishnu’s penance, Tripurasundari emerged from Haridra Sarovar as a deceitful Goddess called Baglamukhi.

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