Baglamukhi Puja

Baglamukhi Puja (Pitambara Puja)

We organize (perform) baglamukhi puja in delhi for those people who are unable to perform it. Main objective of baglamukhi puja is –

baglamukhi puja pitambara peeth datia

Getting success in court cases (Legal Problems)

Devi baglamukhi protect their child from legal problems. It does not mean that if criminals will perform baglamukhi puja, they will get rid of court but it means that innocent people who have not done anything wrong and still facing court cases will get relief. We have seen that in India court cases runs for many years and even sometime for more than 30 years. So even if you are innocent you will have to go to court for that many years and until the cases is finished you will no be able to live a smooth life. You will always have tension that what will happen to you. So baglamukhi puja help to give you relief. It removes mental tension and you will see quick progress in your cases and you may see favorable results.

Getting rid of Enemies

We have seen people who are hard working and intelligent and can lead to a very beautiful and happy life however some people are jealous of them and start doing harm to them without any reason. Their enemies does not leave a single chance to make their life measurable. This Baglamukhi Pooja gives protection from such known and unknown enemies.

Getting rid of illness (Getting good health)

Baglamukhi Puja ensures that you get a very good health. This puja removes negative energy from your mind. Scientist says that most of the illness comes from negative thoughts (negative energy). When we perform this puja it generates very positive vibrations that you feel better. It increases your immune system. Devi baglamukhi is known as “stambhan shakti” which means she stop opponents means it can stop cancer to grow in your body, it can stop infection to grow. Someone can ask if this Mahavidya is such powerful then why we need doctors. But i need to tell them that if doctor is everything then nobody should die on earth. We see same medicine work on one person but does not work on others. So along with proper treatment one should use baglamukhi mantras to get rid of illness soon.

We have seen people recovered from cancer even when doctors said that there is no chance of recovery and person will die in few months, those people are living very good life today. One of our disciple had suffering from Tumor in brain. He was told by doctors that the surgery is very risky and he may die or his body may paralyze if anything wrong happen during surgery. He had full faith on Devi Baglamukhi and he went for the surgery. Surgery was successful and on the very first day he was moved to normal room from ICU. Doctors were completely shocked that they never had seen such quick progress in such kind of cases in their whole career. So here our objective is just to explain that take advise from doctors but have full trust on the ultimate power who run this entire universe smoothly.

Baglamukhi Puja Cost

  • For 51,000 baglamukhi mantra chanting with baglamukhi homam (yagya). Puja cost Rs 21000/=
  • For 51,000 baglamukhi mantra chanting with baglamukhi kavach 1100 chanting &  baglamukhi homam (yagya). Puja cost Rs 31000/=
  • For 1,25,000 baglamukhi mantra chanting with baglamukhi Homam (yagya). Puja cost is Rs 41000/=
  • For 1,25,000 baglamukhi mantra chanting with baglamukhi kavach 1100 chanting & baglamukhi Homam (yagya). Puja cost is Rs 51000/=

For more information you can call us on 9540674788 (whatsapp). Please email us at

If you want to organize this puja please send us below details –

  1. Your name and gotra.
  2. Your parents name
  3. Your latest photograph.
  4. Your date of birth, time and place.

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